7 Fitness Gifts For Men


The season for gift giving is here and if you are looking for some perfect fitness gifts for men, or if you are hoping for something to help with your own gym efforts, then there are a few things which can help with your quest for fitness.


Fitness gifts are the best gifts as they are designed to be used. They aren’t ornaments or collectables that just spend time on the shelf collecting dust, but instead have a need to be used. The lucky recipient is sure to love using one of these 7 fitness gifts for men – they’ve earned it with their workouts!


Gel Boxing Gloves

Whether he is an experienced boxer or just prefers to hit a heavy punch bag around, these boxing gloves are one of the best fitness gifts for men who are into strength training or just letting off a little steam after a busy day. Just make sure to grab a pair for yourself if you plan on joining him with his sessions!


Travel Foam Roller

The gift of a travel foam roller is that they are so small they can fit in a backpack or work rucksack, which is perfect if he suffers from tight or aching muscles after his workouts. Some newer ones come with a vibrating frequency which can help to relax the muscles. They come with a micro-USB charging point which is perfect for men on the go.


Grip Shields And Strengthener

When it comes to weights, grips tend to be a huge limiting factor when doing certain moves and exercises. You can now buy attachments for weights which double up as both a grip shield and strengthener, meaning that any exercise also increases your grip strength.


Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Made from BPA free material, steel water bottles are perfect fitness gifts for men who like cold water to refresh with during their workouts. Stainless steel water bottles will keep water or fitness endurance mix cold for 24 hours, or coffee warm for up to 6 hours. The robust steel is designed and engineered to withstand serious use.


Vegan Protein Powder

The vegan protein powder industry has spent a long time developing and improving their formula. Now, however, there are plenty of choices available which often taste much better than most on the market. If your man has recently changed his diet preferences, then a good quality vegan protein powder is always going to be a good gift.


Fitness Watch

One of the ultimate fitness gifts for men, a fitness watch is now one of the best selling tech gadgets that have fast overtaken their chunkier, traditional counterparts. With the ability to track heart rate, workouts, sleep and much more, it’s perfect for the man who has everything.


Wireless Training Headphones

Wireless headphones are hugely popular with gym goers, so if you are looking for fitness gifts for men, then look no further. With no wires to get in the way or become tangled in machines and a smart, streamlined look and design, wireless training headphones are sure to be a welcome gift for men who love to focus and get on with their gym workouts with no distractions. You can link them to your smartphone or fitness tracker, too, so that you are updated with your progress.