Top Tips to Empower Your Daily Yoga Practice

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Yoga is a journey of mind, body, and spirit—a path to both inner peace and physical fitness. For most people, once you're hooked on yoga, it's tempting to hit the yoga studio or join classes that take place every single day. But who has the time? Thankfully, you can yoga any place where there's space and quiet to perform your routine.

Horizon Athletic wants to help you reach for new heights in your day-to-day life. Here’s how to empower your yoga regimen, simply and easily, whenever and wherever.  

Yoga At Home and On the Go

Don't be afraid to practice at home. Go through the routines you already know to challenge yourself and focus on the inner peace that yoga brings. As DoYouYoga explains, the freedom to practice yoga at home makes it so much easier to make yoga a part of your daily life. You can practice yoga whenever you have the time and space to do it. Clear away any adverse vibes, light some incense, lay out your yoga mat, and get stretching.

Another beautiful thing to do is take your practice into nature. Getting into green space, savoring the wind, trees, and birdsong can boost your well-being.

Find Help in Modern Tools

Many people struggle with intrusive thoughts sometimes when they are trying to settle into a routine outside the studio. Don’t hesitate to bring your smartphone into the mix. There are dozens of great yoga mobile apps to help you along. Some have lessons, a position gallery, chill music, and so much more. These simple, everyday, tech tools are modern advantages to our age-old yoga love song, so don’t hesitate to make them part of your practice. 

Challenge Yourself and Take Risks in New Yoga Routines

Don't be afraid to push yourself during your at-home yoga practices. Yoga Basics suggests trying positions that are challenging, refining your technique, or taking your positions to the next level. Take risks and reward yourself for trying, even if you fail or fall. Push yourself to your limits and overcome them. And if you fall, get up and carefully push yourself again.

If you find you are getting frustrated, do some introspection to try to reveal what could be holding back your motivation. Sometimes the insights of a yoga instructor can help you beyond those hurdles. Connect with help instead of allowing your practice to fizzle and stagnate. The insights of experience can be invaluable.

Mediate When You Would Usually Zone Out

Many people don't realize just how much meditation factors into yoga practice. Even when you are sitting at your desk at work, you can practice this aspect of yoga by meditating instead of zoning out. If you would usually spend a few minutes mindlessly browsing the news or staring into space, instead, close your eyes and meditate on your inner self. You might be surprised how much it helps you to stay focused and motivated.

Play Great Music During Yoga for Better Focus and Relaxation

Another great way to use your phone for yoga practice is to play music. Relaxing and peaceful music can be the key to reaching that perfect balance within yourself. If the music guides your mind to a more focused and relaxed place, then your yoga practice will improve. This is why yoga teachers play music during classes and why many yoga apps come with a collection of music to guide your at-home sessions. 

Set Yoga Goals to Meet by Practicing Every Day

Finally, set goals for your practice. Yoga teachers set goals for the class, but setting personal goals makes it a more intimate experience. Choose a few yoga goals each week and use the help of your phone's yoga apps or talk with your instructor about your progress, and congratulate yourself when you succeed. By setting goals, you ensure that your yoga practice is always a journey forward. You can even reward yourself with some conscientious activewearthat will inspire you to keep practicing!

Yoga is a wonderful practice that you can do from almost anywhere. Find the tools and instruction that will help you to develop. Digging deeper into yoga can only help you soar higher in your growth.

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Written by Sheila Johnson