The Ultimate Australian Road Trips

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For anyone who enjoys the sun, wildlife and a remote road trip, Australia is the perfect place to venture around. However, for most, it can be a tough decision on where to start and finish the journey, but for anyone looking for inspiration, Horizon Athletic has some great ideas to help you have the ultimate Australian road trip. Whether you’re looking for the outbacks barren lands or to visit some of the most exciting cities the country has to offer, here’s a look at some amazing trips.

The Great Ocean Road

Arguably the most famous road trip in Australia, the Great Ocean Road journey starts just outside of Melbourne and finishes 250km away in Adelaide. There are tour buses that offer this trip in a full day, and the main reason they do this is so tourists can view the 12 Apostles (a collection of limestone stacks that rise in the ocean). Most people recommend making the trip without a time constraint and spending a few days soaking up the beachside communities while exploring the scenery of the Southern Ocean.

One of the best things about making this road trip without a tour bus service is being able to visit the rainforests and Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve. Being able to meet the local wildlife includes koalas, emus and kangaroos and the sanctuary is located on an extinct volcano!

Savannah Way

This choice is known as one of the longest ultimate Australian road trips to attempt. Starting in Cairns in the east, the 3,700km cross country journey ends in the western town of Broome and includes 12 national parks and 5 world heritage areas along the way. The wildlife you will see along the way is plentiful, and there are dozens of Aboriginal and pioneer places to explore.

The Pacific Coast

This trip gives you the ability to explore the most famous cities in Australia (including its largest). Most people choose this as their ultimate Australian road trip as you get to see one of the seven wonders of the world, the great barrier reef and also the excitement of 3 exciting cities. It’s around 2500km to visit all three cities however if you’re wanting to shorten the trip taking Sydney off the end means that there is 900km less to travel.

If you do decide to continue through to Sydney, you’ll be able to drive past the gold coast with the chance of seeing humpback whales migrating from Antarctica. This is likely the easiest road trip to take part in as there are plenty of activities and places to stay along the journey.

The Stuart Highway

One of the ultimate Australian road trips for experiencing the desolate lands in the middle of the country. It’s just under 3000km long and begins at Port Augusta and finishes in Darwin, it’s a route the will require about 26 hours of driving, but the experience itself will be longer when you include visits to local towns and breaks along the way to take in the majestic sights of Australia.

During this journey, you’ll come across a route called the Red Center Way, that includes beautiful canyons, desert landscapes and gigantic gorges. The trip is a looped detour which starts and ends at Alice Springs and passes through four national parks, and it’s recommended that you have around a week to explore the area.

Tasmania Loop

This is the most unusual option when it comes to the ultimate Australian road trips, as it’s located on a separate southern island known as Tasmania. The island offers plenty of beautiful sites to see such as Wineglass Bay, lavender fields and the Hazards mountain range. It’s full of history and picturesque places so if looking for something a little more unconventional this might be the one for you.