Sports Producer Bettina

We began this sequence of portraits, all featuring ‘Horizon Athletic’ costumes, during the Covid pandemic.  The pandemic had the effect of forcing people to assess their local surroundings and reap the benefits of their direct environment, one phenomenon was how many people turned to cold water swimming as a means to escape, revitalise and meditate.  Focusing on one small French community which has a very international community we created this project of personal interviews along with portraits of local women.  Each photograph was taken in the exact same location but at different times of the day, ranging from sunrise to sunset, and over a period of a few months; the landscape, quality of light, weather, reflections, water conditions and all of the environmental factors were in a state continual flux and change, creating a differing dynamic with each image regardless of the static location. 

Photographs and interviews created by Angela Huntbach-Hertault of AHH Agency. With thanks to all of the wonderful women in the portraits who share their image along with most personal feelings and insights with us.  You are our Horizon Heroes… 

Horizon Hero Profile


9th June 2021

I always felt like a butterfly that doesn’t stop flying, looking for something new, full of colours, enjoying being everywhere but at the same time nowhere. This can be nice but is also sometimes a little difficult because I don’t feel at home anywhere - at the same time I feel at home everywhere. That is quite typical for me and my sense of belonging.

I move around a lot with my job and I always meet people. I don’t have a very usual routine but I need that freedom to feel myself. That goes along with trying and experimenting with different things.

I started cold water swimming as a challenge. Beginning on 30th Sept 2020, my challenge was to swim 100 times over the winter. I needed a challenge at the time. I was in San Sebastien, Spain, over the summer for work for a period of three weeks and my hours were long so the only time I had to myself was very early morning. I started to use this time to swim in the early hours. When I returned from Spain I set myself the 100 winter swims challenge.

When I decide to do something or I want something then nothing stops me. I had said 100 times so I had to do it! I completed my 100 day challenge on 5th April 2021. You switch off your head so I find that if you are able to do it regularly, not only once, then you can do anything. There is always the the point that you need to overcome but you still do it. It’s a nice lesson that you can really do anything in life, nothing is impossible.

I was born in Eastern Germany, I learnt Russian in school and did translation as degree in Lisbon (French, English, Portuguese).  I lived in Portugal, Switzerland and Ukraine whilst working for UEFA.  I started as assistant for installations in the stadiums when they needed a language assistant. I had been working for German TV during my studies. I am now responsible for the broadcast and venue operations of some of the matches for UEFA.

Aside from this I do yoga once per week, and I cycle and walk a lot.  I currently live in France and I have two children.