Philosopher Sam

We began this sequence of portraits, all featuring ‘Horizon Athletic’ costumes, during the Covid pandemic.  The pandemic had the effect of forcing people to assess their local surroundings and reap the benefits of their direct environment, one phenomenon was how many people turned to cold water swimming as a means to escape, revitalise and meditate.  Focusing on one small French community which has a very international community we created this project of personal interviews along with portraits of local women.  Each photograph was taken in the exact same location but at different times of the day, ranging from sunrise to sunset, and over a period of a few months; the landscape, quality of light, weather, reflections, water conditions and all of the environmental factors were in a state continual flux and change, creating a differing dynamic with each image regardless of the static location. 
Photographs and interviews created by Angela Huntbach-Hertault of AHH Agency. With thanks to all of the wonderful women in the portraits who share their image along with most personal feelings and insights with us.  You are our Horizon Heroes… 

Horizon Hero Profile

Sam Shorts

13th June 2021

At the moment I am trying to find myself by reading about spirituality, it’s a journey that I am currently immersed in.  I see myself as having many different identities: a mother, a friend, a yoga teacher (I completed yoga teacher training in 2019).  Through yoga and spirituality I am trying to find my true essence.  The idea of a fragmented self is leading me to look for inner peace.

When you are aware of your ego, breath, the simple stuff like connecting the mind with the body, you value not spending too much time in the mind whilst missing the present moment that is in front of us. I have always been interested in philosophy but it is my own issues with anxiety and inner anger that have led me to this path. Spiritual philosophy has given me the tools to make better sense of life and happiness.

I studied Physics and Philosophy at Nottingham University. I travelled around the world then went on to work for BP for ten years. Whilst at BP I started practicing Vinyasa yoga, which is fast paced. I enjoyed living and working at a fast pace at that time. 

When I became a mother I questioned my values. There is a constant battle in life in following the natural way your mind works or worries, always moving towards things.  I need to remember that life is a path, it’s not always about reaching goals. Being patient is a big part of that, accepting that things will happen in their own time.

I love running, especially with other people, hiking and being in the mountains. I’m not so competitive, I prefer the meditative aspect of being in the zone. I have also been loving cold water dips, just feeling the water. My first cold swim was on Christmas Day 2021.

I run a business called ‘Sam’s mountain yoga’ created with the intention of helping to build inner peace.