Acupuncturist Vicky

We began this sequence of portraits, all featuring ‘Horizon Athletic’ costumes, during the Covid pandemic.  The pandemic had the effect of forcing people to assess their local surroundings and reap the benefits of their direct environment, one phenomenon was how many people turned to cold water swimming as a means to escape, revitalise and meditate.  Focusing on one small French community which has a very international community we created this project of personal interviews along with portraits of local women.  Each photograph was taken in the exact same location but at different times of the day, ranging from sunrise to sunset, and over a period of a few months; the landscape, quality of light, weather, reflections, water conditions and all of the environmental factors were in a state continual flux and change, creating a differing dynamic with each image regardless of the static location. 
Photographs and interviews created by Angela Huntbach-Hertault of AHH Agency. With thanks to all of the wonderful women in the portraits who share their image along with most personal feelings and insights with us.  You are our Horizon Heroes… 

Horizon Hero Profile


30th May 2021

My main characteristic is that I don’t create barriers.

I love nature – water is my element! When I am at the edge of the water my spirit is refilled. I am passionate about swimming with fish, turtles and obsessed with the islands - I travel every year.  I lived in Guadeloupe for one year at the age of 23 whilst nursing. Immediately after my return from Guadeloupe I completed my nursing studies and moved to the Geneva region.  I am originally from a small town in Bourgogne called Saint-Vallier. 

In 2014 I recommenced my studies to train in acupuncture.  I have been working as an independent acupuncturist since 2017 along with active meditation. I launched an Acupuncture therapy studio in Geneva in June 2017.

Chinese medicine stays within the field of nursing and wellbeing care, but instead of treating the superficial elements we search for the source of the problems. For me, the link between the body and the spirit is a passion.    

My sporting and personal well-being regime is above all my meditation practice each day ; I chant mantras often, I am flexitarian, and I follow the Chinese medicine principle of eating according to the seasons. 

I was in the process of completing black belt Judo at the age of 17.  I competed to the level of French Championships FSCF in Judo. At the same time I ran a lot in my youth, now I am beginning again slowly.  In summer, I paddle a lot on Lake Leman, in fact every day, and I practice meditation on the paddle.  I find myself with the water so I am happy, voila! I am in peace. 

I take part in shamanistic experiences, I resonate strongly with drums, like a sort of trance that passes directly through my body. 

I always thank Mother Earth.  I am full of gratitude.